A talk organised as part of the exhibition "Altered States" by Berger&Berger.

"Beger&Berger have long gone beyond the boundaries between 'art', 'design', 'architecture' and 'scenography', convinced that something essential emerges at the edge of their difficulties, within art, at the point at which each discipline looses and finds its identity.
For Berger&Berger, occasioning these perceptions in public spaces — and even more so in an intimate space such as Rosascape — means honouring a non-hierarchical idea of the arts to be able, through the subtlety and force of art, to make the world and its insomnia our primary impression once again. Berger&Berger seize the ties that exist between us and things, and between things themselves, in order to give them back to us, caught up in the excess of that which is." Federico Nicolao.


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