MAD MARGINAL / Archives,
Dora García, 2011

An artist's book by Dora García, 2011

Production and publishing: Rosascape
This edition is limited to 10 French-language, 10 Spanish-language, 10 Italian-language and 10 English-language copies. Each edition is numbered from 1 to 10 and signed by Dora García.

The artist's book MAD MARGINAL developed in parallel with the eponymous project Dora García has been working on since 2009. In the form of an archival box file, this artist's book compiles 27 documents (texts, photos, a DVD, a CD, emails, interviews and conversations, leaflets, etc.) which have fueled Dora García's research these past two years. These documents are identical facsimile reproductions of the originals.
In resonance with this project, the artist's book reproduces a large number of the archives Dora García has been putting together since 2009. From the very outset Mad Marginal — the artist's book and the material it contains, that is — were conceived of as a whole that would bring together, document and fuel the research process and the artistic project. The rendering of the various topographies attached to the various documents (texts exerpted from websites, a tract, educational leaflets, emails, etc.), to their original context (documents both from the 1970s-80s and the present) and printing format and method (digital photographs, DVD, CD, photocopies, books, digital prints, etc.) affords a deep immersion into the complex network of documents grounding Dora García's work.

Size: 33 x 28 x 7 cm.

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