Everybody lives as if no one "knew": some script works,
Vittorio Santoro

From June 10th to July 29th 2011.

Opening Friday 10th, 4-11PM at Rosascape
Performance at 7 : 30 PM: « VISIONARIES & VOYEURS II » : An act for a voice and a projector, twice. 2011

For his solo exhibition at Rosascape Vittorio Santoro will be presenting some new series he started in 2010 and will complete a few days before the opening.

Rosascape is showcasing a series of "script works" by Vittorio Santoro — works "activated by other people" according to a rule fixed by the artist, thus making the various individuals co-authors of an artwork. It is important to state that however many elements a piece may comprise, each piece constitutes a single artwork rather than several. Unity arises less from the script itself than from the notion of action and participation in a shared process.
The work is never reducible to the object that constitutes it, but neither is the object ever a mere pretext for illustrating theoretical or conceptual reflections, etc. Firstly, VS's works are seldom made up of a single object. Instead, the artist deals mainly with mises-en-scène, stagings, or with composite arrangements. And as for the single-object pieces, they always convey the trace of past interventions. The objects provide a basis, but the purpose is not to expose a self-sufficient idea but, rather, to enable a reactivation of the piece.
The work can thus be viewed as a totality which, while taking into account the sphere of thought as much as work on the spatialisation of objects, places action and the notion of script activation at its core. The participant-spectator is invited to reflect on the nature of this act, and on how unity is achieved despite the extremely diverse nature of the participations.

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