Histoire de la géométrie
(History of Geometry)

A show by Benoît Maire.
22 September - 26 November 2010.

The Histoire de la géométrie exhibition invites you on an itinerary through the eponymous series created by Benoît Maire. An itinerary whose unifying thread would be both the way these works echo one another and the surrounding environment, and the relationship of these Histoires de la géométrie to publishing, the book, the page, the quotation and language. Through different modes of representation, this passage from one work to another offers forms of indexation and analogies between the geometrical form of the artwork, thus constantly putting into play the physical and affective dimension of the works. In a Romantic paradigm, inherited from Kantian philosophy, the artwork testifies to that which exceeds measure (the affect of the sublime being the reaction to this vacancy of judgement). Benoît Maire’s Histoire de la géométrie attempts to calculate this breach, this groove between the artwork and the objective, mathematical measure of that which exceeds measure. Between two possible measures, a History takes place.




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