Du Mort Qui Saisit Le Vif (la maison du dehors)

From November 28th to December 3rd 2011
Opening on November 28th from 4pm to 11pm.
Discussion between Quentin Meillassoux and Fabien Giraud on November 29 at 7pm.
Discussion between Ida Soulard, Sam Basu and Tom Trevatt on December 1st at 7pm.
Closing on December 3rd from 6pm to11pm.

More informations about the discussions here.

In his solo exhibition at Rosascape, Fabien Giraud shows several pieces for the first time which he brings together under the heading Du Mort Qui Saisit le Vif (la maison du dehors). Under this generic and programmatic title, the works shown at Rosascape are part of a long-term project that is conceived as a kind of technological saga and which might be summed up as follows: technology is not the preserve of man. There is no distinction between man's technological production and the more general production of nature at work.

The piece Le La Mort is one of the elements of the exhibition. This work by Fabien Giraud co-produced by Rosascape and Forde is made up of fifteen books. Each book is divided in the middle by a second book, which contains the script of a conversation between Fabien Giraud and Vincent Normand. Both a commentary and the origin of the works, this dialogue entitled Metaxu is the exhibition's central point, out of which 'la maison du dehors', part one of the technological saga Du Mort Qui Saisit Le Vif, takes shape and arises.

The series of works presented at Rosascape is determined by this book project and its initial physical movement. A drawing (La Maison du dehors. Plan) was made with the carbonized remains of the pieces of wood used for the sculptures of La Maison du dehors which were shown at Forde: successive layers of material were applied onto a sheet of paper until it could stand unsupported in the exhibition space. The artist melted the lead printing blocks used for the books, via the Lynotype printing technique, into a new shape on the floor at Rosascape (Metaxu — Saturne). Metaxu's dialogues are the subject of a film in which the elements of the set are rearranged in space for the film's screening. Lastly, Un caillou posé sur une pierre, une pierre posée sur une roche, une roche posée sur le minéral announces the second part of the project Du Mort Qui Saisit Le Vif, which will be presented in the next few months.

Fabien Giraud here lays the grounds of his own thinking methods, which aim at a reflection that not only borrows philosophy's discursive mode and unfolding logic, but arises out of the radical contingency of its conditioning materials and forces.

Bio of Fabien Giraud (in French).

More informations about the discussions here.



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