Katinka Bock, 2012

Blaue Stunde Raum is an edition which is apprehended as a paper sculpture: a sculpture which invites the public to handle it and unfold, in space, the urban landscapes the object contains. This edition of eight monotypes stems from an installation that Katinka Bock put together for her exhibition at Rosascape which ran from December 2011 to February 2012, in which she covered the eight windows of one of the exhibition rooms with blue paint. The artist then applied various fragments of vegetation, pieces of cardboard, debris and refuse found in the street to the layer of paint: fragments as the traces and the memory of urban space, as the prints of a landscape and a temporality. The surface of the window panes and the paint(ing) punctuated by these scattered elements gleaned across the city came to form a support and a tool for making the monotypes (one of the simpler engraving techniques in terms of realisation). Katinka Bock applied several sheets of paper to each window pane until she obtained the desired result, and then finally selected one monotype per window. The book presented here brings together all of the works selected by the artist. The relationship between interior space — that of Rosascape — and the exterior space of the street, together with the artist's use of humble materials and the poetic dimension that derives directly from the very process of the work, all combine to make this edition a work which is both singular and perfectly exemplary of Katinka Bock's project as a whole.

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