Fabien Giraud and Raphaël Siboni both have a background in documentary and feature filmmaking. They met at the Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs and after attending Le Fresnoy (National Studio of Contemporary Arts), they embarked on their collaboration in 2007.
From an initial interest in contemporary communities and their inherent modes of individuation, their approach gradually opened onto a systematic redefinition of the very notion of artistic experience.
Fabien Giraud and Raphael Siboni perceive the world as a landscape that is liquid, fluid and “soft” (in the sense of computer parlance). In a system of equivalences, where nothing is fixed and all is fleeting and impermanent, “the artwork becomes a mere variable in a system named according to the case at hand: exhibition, institution, situation. Singularity is merely a function, among others, of this dynamic whole”. And the crux of their work lies within this “condition”. The work considers the possibility “despite everything” of a salience which comes to explode this reality, carrying within itself the promise of an Event.

Recent shows:
16.04.10 / 22.05.10 - Fabien Giraud et Raphaël Siboni
Galerie Loevenbruck, Paris, France.
09.10.10 / 14. 11.10 - Les Chose Qui Tombent
Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Fitzroy, Australia.
08.03.10 / 12.04.10 - NILF Calculating Infinity
CAN, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.