Born in 1968, Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil lives and works in Paris.
If Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil’s works all share a common feature, it is their ability to challenge reality and the images therein produced and circulated. Despite their diversity - photographs, videos, installations, objects and performances - his works demand a second look in order to observe and experience them, emotionally as much as intellectually. Thus, The Day Before_Star System, 2004, requires a two-staged reading. First seduced by the shiny and deep appearance of the twelve almost monochrome black pieces, the spectator then feels intrigued and disturbed by their nature and manufacturing. This understanding then leads him onto another register, less aesthetic and more foreboding. Indeed, these works represent sky maps from the days preceding military bombings. In The Day Before_Star System, the telescoping procedure juxtaposes the tradition of monochrome painting with military cartography, and the universal lifespan of stars with a finite human lifespan., The question of appearance and disappearance at work in Black Out (a project that makes reality disappear) is linked to this study on the signaling of reality, and turns out to be a crucial theme in Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil’s artistic practice. Disappearance and appearance, absence and presence, the hidden and the known clearly are constant themes for the artist. He also explores the issue of power and its representations. His critical perspective on the symbols of power, the sense of hierarchy, and iconography have inspired several works (Gloriosus, 2004; Les Ambitieux, 2008).
In 2009-10 he had a residency at the Académie de France in Rome - Villa Medicis.

Special thanks to Clément Dirié for the biography.

Recent solo shows:
Galerie In SITU Fabienne Leclerc, Paris
Maison des Arts de Malakoff, Malakoff, France.
Blackout New York, Chalet de Tokyo, Meurice Palace, New York, USA.

Artists’ residencies Eurogroup, Black Out, Tour Vista, Puteaux, France.
Bird’s eye view, Galerie In SITU Fabienne Leclerc, Paris

The Day Before_Star System, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France.

Group shows:
Double Bind / Arrêtez d’essayer de me comprendre !, Villa Arson, Nice, France.
Explorateurs, œuvre du centre national des arts plastiques, Centre des arts d’Enghien-les-Bains, Enghien-les-Bains, France.